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Hello, I’m alive!

Contrary to what the inactivity here may have suggested, I am alive.

Alive but busy. This will be more of a teaser post since I’m just sharing a great tip on how to get perfect poached eggs.

“remember how you said how difficult it was to poach eggs?  try suspending them in noodles while boiling in water.  the squiggly ones seem to work best, like a noodle-like egg crate.”

A clever cooking tip from the most unlikely source. At first I thought he was speaking metaphorically, likening egg poaching to overcoming obstacles in life…you know trying to be abstract and poetic and all…

But then I couldn’t figure out what the squiggly noodles would represent, and so I realized…

He’s really giving me advice on egg poaching!

Thanks. It made me smile, a lot.

Trying it this Sunday!